About  us

Jindal Intellicom Limited is a global technology, analytics, and customized solutions company committed to optimizing value for our clients and their businesses.

Jindal Intellicom was founded in 2000 as a key linking mechanism between entities in the Jindal Group to develop ‘intelligence’, to share best practices and to develop customized solutions for business problems within the Group. We help the senior management to see across the businesses and to make key decisions using Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms. Intellicom also works with various clients in the USA, UK and Australia to offer Software, Analytics, BPO and ARM (Collections) services.

Our aim is to provide ‘Best-in-Class’ client-focused solutions by combining business understanding, data analytics and customized software. We strive to co–innovate, co-design and co–create success.

Jindal Intellicom has been successful in providing solutions to business problems across diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Shipping, Retail and Financial Services over the past 2 decades. Innovation, Integrity and Social Responsibility are at the core of our approach to our business.

Jindal Intellicom is a part of the O.P. Jindal Group, one of India’s biggest conglomerates with an employee base of over 75,000 people and annual revenue of over USD 20 Billion. Intellicom’s parent Company within the Group is Jindal SAW Limited which is the world’s largest producer of steel pipe with manufacturing facilities in India, USA, Europe and UAE.


Jindal Intellicom operates in the Technology, Analytics and Services field and we are at our best when all 3 come together. Our key enabler is the Embedded Value Added Cell (EVAC). The mission of the EVAC to add value to clients by creating an evolving knowledge base. The EVAC stems from the Intellicom’s ability to use it’s cross-functional cross-industry experience in developing the ideal solution for an enterprise.


Jindal Intellicom's campus facilitates excellence in the work our employees perform.